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A welded aluminum structure in standardize sizes designed with versatility in mind to support common products such as lighting fixtures. Preferred method of slinging the truss is a choke and wrap.
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Used for mechanical advantage to lift and suspend loads at height. Basic Set-up: Power supply connects to motor controller Motor controller connects both to independent power line with operating pendant and to the motor itself Operation: one operator per motor control, if there is a limited or unavailable line of sight between operator and motor it is the operators responsibility to assign a rigger to act as ‘line of sight’. Universal command: STOP. This is the only command used for halting motor use

Common Types

Columbus McKinnon (CM) Lodestar

1/2 Ton   |   1 Ton   |   2 Ton

Tour Rig

1/4 Ton   |   1/2 Ton   |   1 Ton   |   2 Ton

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A manual chain hoist.

Common Types

Kito 1 Ton   |   Magna 1 Ton   |   CM 1/2 Ton, 1 Ton

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The primary connecting link in all manner of rigging systems.

Loading Points

Pin may only be weighted with a single point. Bell of shackle can be weighted with multiple points WITHIN 45º of center.

Working Load Limit (WLL):

1/4″: 1/2 Ton   |   5/16″: 3/4 Ton   |   3/8″: 1 Ton   |   5/8″: 3 1/4 Ton   |   7/8″: 6 1/2 Ton

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Used as a top link for attaching chain slings.

Used for multiple points (2+) of contact Working Load Limit (WLL):

3/8″: 1800 lbs.   |   1/2″: 2900 lbs.   |   5/8″: 4200 lbs.   |   3/4″: 6000 lbs.

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Used to connect points to working load, fastening baskets and points to anchor point.

Colour coding

No colour: 2.5′   |   Red: 5′   |   White: 10′   |   Blue: 20′   |   Green: 30′   |   Yellow: 50′

Working Load Limit:

1/8″: 250 lbs.   |   1/4″: 1000 lbs.   |   3/8″: 2000 lbs.   |   1/2″: 4000 lbs.

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Used to make minor adjustments in leg length of a point when the appropriate length is not achievable with steel.

Beware of trapping links


Working Load Limit (WLL): 12000 lbs.

Studio chain

Working Load Limit (WLL): 1500 lbs.

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Used to sling and suspend truss. Gac-flex is preferred over webbing due to multiple ” steel cores which act as a safety precaution in the event of localized fires. DO NOT choke Gac-flex together as this exceeds the radius limitations of the steel cores. Use shackle connection instead. AVOID use on cable pick.

Working Load Limit (WLL):

General Capacity 4000 lbs. – 5300 lbs. (please review the tag on each sling)

Common Sizes

3′   |    4′   |    6′

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Used for cable picks.

Working Load Limit (WLL):

General Capacity 4000 lbs. – 5300 lbs. (please review the tag on each sling)

Common Sizes

3′   |   4′   |   6′

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Used to wrap and hang light loads (decor, truss etc.).

Working Load Limit (WLL):

General Capacity 1000 lbs. (please review the tag on each sling)

Common Sizes

1′   |   2′   |   3′   |   4′

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Used to adjust length in light loads. MUST lock off with threaded screw lock. DON’T pull cable through Verlock under tension as this will damage the steel. DON’T make coils so tiny the cable keeps the shape.

Size and Working Load Limit:

1/8″: 125 lbs.   |   3/16″: 200 lbs.

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Primary function is for inverted suspension from truss, limited secondary function used to hang truss.
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Used on beams in place of slings when access is limited.


‘Heart-shaped’ with screw. Use correct size for weight and beam. Proper attachment and positioning on beam.

Custom VCC

CRITICAL to use correct width and height to ensure right fit.

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Used as attachment point mounted on pipe or truss.

Working Load Limit: 1000 lbs.

Eyebolt: provides additional fixed independent attachment point

Swivel: movable head, connects pipe to pipe/truss

Fixed: fixed head at 90º, connects pipe to pipe/truss

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Used to span gaps (ex. navigate ducting in VCC), create positioning of anchor points, and gain trim height.
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Used primarily to haul gear, chain and steel into aerial working position.

Lengths determined by task and venue.

Standard width: 11mm or 13mm

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