NCAA Showcase 2018


Vancouver Convention Centre


NCAA Showcase


Rigging, Lighting, Labour

November 2018

The NCAA Vancouver Showcase was a twelve men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournament held in Vancouver in November 2018. The Vancouver Showcase was the first-ever NCAA basketball tournament to take place in Canada. RIGGIT worked with the NCAA’s event management company to convert East Hall B into a regulation basketball court. In order to host this showcase tournament, RIGGIT supplied all rigging and broadcast lighting plus the production crew required to lay the basketball floor.

RIGGIT designed and installed the broadcast lighting required for the tournament to be broadcast on ESPN and the Pac 10 network. We developed and utilized unique hanging positions created along the side of the room as there is no standard rigging under the sails. RIGGIT’s experience working under the sails and with broadcast lighting helped us assess the tough lighting environment and choose the correct fixtures to fully cover a basketball court with enough light, at the right colour temperature, for broadcasting. The lighting needed to be flexible enough to change as the cameras adjusted throughout the evening as the variable ambient lighting in the room changed.

RIGGIT also developed an innovative solution to facilitate the producer’s requirements by suspending large-scale LED video screens from the bulkhead above Hall A and Hall C. This creative approach marked the first time the structural steel that supports the roof above Hall A and C had been utilized in this manner. This creative solution is still in place and can be used again to create new and interesting looks that have not been seen before in the long history of Hall B.

RIGGIT also provided technicians to unload and install the subfloor and basketball court with the NCAA court provider.