Harbour Convention Centre


Hermes Vancouver Launch Party


Rigging Equipment & Design | Engineering | Labour Support | Rope Access


Riggit was proud to be a part of the Hermes Vancouver store launch party, designing and installing all the suspended equipment including the temporary removal and reinstall of the 11,000-pound glass chandelier!

We had the pleasure of working with Vancouver’s top suppliers to install and remove this demanding show, providing labour and supplying lighting, video, audio, scenic and general technicians as well.

Riggit used Rope Access technicians to install all of the rigging as access to the ceiling is restricted because the floor is unable to support aerial lifts. The ceiling of the Harbour Convention Centre has limited capacity as it supports the 11,000-pound chandelier.

We removed 8200lbs of glass from the chandelier to create capacity for 7200 pounds of decor and lighting. We utilized Heavy Duty 20′ x 30′ mother grid truss to span the main beams and support all of the lighting and scenic items.

Overall, it was an incredibly complex job presenting multiple challenges to overcome throughout the process, but our experts were there every step of the way and it all came together in a spectacular show!